Where words fail, music speaks.
— Hans Christian Andersen

The Bach Academy is very excited to be leading the way to music education access for those with special needs in the Naperville area. Simply Music Gateway is a unique and innovative playing-based piano program designed specifically for students who think and learn differently, including those on the Autism spectrum, as well as those with learning disabilities, neurological dysfunction, developmental delays, ADHD, and Dementia. The elements of music, rhythm, harmony and melody provide pathways to non-verbal communication that express feelings and ideas, and stimulate speech in those that have difficulty expressing themselves with language. Rethinking conventional methods of music learning, this program accommodates each individual student, developing the fine motor skills necessary to progress to more advanced levels, and addressing processing issues and learning differences by focusing on one sensory system at a time.

See how Simply Music Gateway has
affected individuals with special needs

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Image taken from www.simplymusicgateway.com

Image taken from www.simplymusicgateway.com

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