The Bach Academy offers lessons on a variety of instruments from an accomplished and dedicated artist faculty. We believe that all students should have a well-rounded experience, receiving a customized course of study dependent upon their needs.  Students are strengthened as musicians through repertoire from a variety of musical styles, technical studies, performances opportunities, and the study of music theory, ear training, and music history. 

In addition to being a part of their instructor's studio, students have the opportunity to interact with student's from other studios at the Bach Academy through informal gatherings, regular performance opportunities, and master classes with expert musicians from outside of our school.



Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for all ages and proficiency levels--from beginners to the most advanced--on a variety of instruments and voice.  Lessons are generally 30 or 60 minutes, but can be shorter or longer depending upon your desire and your instructor's recommendation.

Interested in learning more?  You can express your interest in music lessons by registering here (this does not commit you to taking lessons).  Once we receive your registration, we will but you in touch with a faculty member for a consultation.

Group Lessons & Workshops

Group lessons and workshops are organized by instrument, skill level, or topic (i.e. beginning piano, audition preparation, certification, etc.) and are offered at various times throughout the course of the year.  Check out our current offerings on the registration page!