First Steps in Music Certification

Strengthen your skills as a music educator with First Steps in Music certification!  Teacher Trainer Rachel Grimsby will host a 5-day workshop from July 17-21, 9:00AM-4:00PM, leading to First Steps in Music certification for participants.  Cost per registrant is $375.

During the First Steps in Music course, participants will be introduced to current research findings and the implications of that research on the development of an early childhood music and movement curriculum. Materials and activities will be presented for children from birth to age 7. Collecting materials, designing teaching strategies, lesson plans, and yearly curriculum, as well as developing and promoting an early childhood program, will be covered. Active participation in both music and movement activities will be the basis for most instruction.

The First Steps in Music curriculum is designed to prepare children to become musical in three ways:

Tuneful – to have tunes in their heads and learn to coordinate their voices to sing those tunes.

Beatful – to feel the pulse of music and how that pulse is grouped in either 2s or 3s.

Artful – to be moved by music in the many ways music can elicit a feelingful response.

The First Steps in Music curriculum is a musical workout that grows tuneful, beatful and artful individuals. There are eight different activities in each workout. And, like aerobics, in the beginning some participants will likely be clumsy in some aspects of the workout, but if they give it their best, they are bound to improve! And, like an aerobics workout, the more one participates the better the effect. Balancing repetition and variety is key to each workout being effective and interesting.

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